NUER, fully owned by its CEO Danilo Benevelli, is working for more then 25 years as agent of stainless steel mills.
The last aquisition is the indian mill JINDAL, one of the world largest producers of stainless steel. With this exclusive agency, NUER trades around 30.000tons/year of stainless steel flat products.

NUER is now also corrispondent of AMCOM, a company active in the recovery and trade of steelworks slags.

Very soon, due to close contacts with chinene producers, also alluminium coils will be commercialized.

NUER is linked with LOGISTEEL, owned by the brother of Danilo, Vittorio and his partner, Dr. Daniele Faggioni.
LOGISTEEL is probably the most succesfull logistic operation in La Spezia specialized in steel and active in shipping, custom clearing, wharehousing and in-land transport with corrispondents in all the major ports of the Mediterranean sea.

NUER is based in central Lugano (Switzerland) which is considered the first trading place in Europe for metals.

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